Today, 30 June marks another milestone in building our organisation with the formal end of the Integration phase.

Over the past three years we’ve established the foundations of our new, unified organisation, including key strategies, our visions and values, improved health and safety processes, resources and tools for the frontline, Local Advisory Committees, and a new leadership structure across all our Branches.

We now move into more of a business as usual state, with our new Branches taking the lead on the remaining work:

Integration project/team

Branch it is transitioning to

Local Advisory Committees

Office of the Chief Executive

In-House Rules for Volunteer Brigades


Engagement Team (has managed many events for both Integration and the whole organisation)

Will also stay on for a period in Finance and Business Operations

Risk Reduction projects (Compliance and Enforcement, Inspector Powers and Fire Plans)

Service Delivery

Implementation of the Service Delivery and approach to rank decisions announced on 11 June

A smaller team will stay on for the rest of 2020 as part of the People Branch, reporting to Brendan Nally.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to the many Integration projects over the past three years, through the programme teams, participation in workshops and design sessions, by being subject matter experts, or as Integration Advisors nominated by our unions and associations.

For those from Integration who are leaving us, thank you for your dedication and professionalism during this period.

I specifically want to thank and farewell Janine McLees, Director Integration, who leaves the Executive Leadership Team and Fire and Emergency today. Janine ‘s leadership has helped bring us to the strong position we’re in now.

Once again, thank you all. You should be very proud of what we have achieved.

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