Senior Firefighter Hami Taite from Timaru is our new National Advisor for the Working Safely in Water Project.

As the Fire and Emergency response role broadens, our operational personnel are being asked to respond to a wider range of emergencies. Responding to ‘in water’ flooding events is one example of this.

In recent times, significant flooding and water-events have impacted communities all over Aotearoa, and with changing weather patterns these events are expected to increase.

In his new role as the National Advisor for the Working Safely in Water Project Hami says he wants to continue developing and building operating procedures and best practice guidelines that align with a fit-for-purpose training package for our operational personnel.

“Coming from a naval background before becoming a firefighter has given me a good grounding in different aspects of working in and around water.

“Working out of Timaru in recent years, I have had the opportunity to put some of this into practice when responding to various water incidents and flooding events occurring up and down the South Island. This does not make me an expert and I don’t profess to be one, however it’s given me a decent idea on what does and does not work, which I aim to use as a yard stick to measure future success with.”

The Working Safely in Water Project will build on the skills and knowledge of the Working Safely around Water capability, which is the prerequisite training ahead of the new package. So, if you haven’t already, get up to speed with the working safely around water training which is on the Portal

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