Fire and Emergency will be introducing more MAN Type 3 appliances over the next few years until the new appliances from the Type 3 Acquisition Project are available, which is likely to be around 2023.

Bringing in more MAN Type 3 appliances at this stage will help us to maintain a modern fleet and will reduce the number of older appliances we have.

This decision has been endorsed by the Fleet Governance Group, which is made up of people from across the organisation including representatives from Service Delivery. The NZPFU has been informed of the decision to purchase replacement MAN vehicles.

The appliances have just been ordered, and the first appliances should be delivered in late 2020 and will replace our busiest Type 3 appliances and allow us to remove the older appliances from the fleet as they near the end of their operational life.

Our next step is to work out which appliances will be moving between stations and this information will be made available to everyone closer to the arrival of the new appliances.

All the key issues have now been rectified in the MAN type 3 appliances – you can find out more here, and keep up to date on the Type 3 Acquisition Project here.

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