National Volunteer Week runs this week, 17-23 June 2018, when the whole nation gets to celebrate volunteers, including ours.

If you are a Fire and Emergency volunteer, we thank you. We know our volunteers touch the lives of many people in communities all over New Zealand.

We know that volunteering is about more than just our volunteers – their families and employers play a key part in making it possible for them to provide New Zealanders with the help they need in an emergency.

What we are doing

We have a range of activities planned for this week and following National Volunteer Week, where people can thank our volunteers.

Externally, we are running advertisements inviting the public to say thanks:

  • in a selection of regional and community papers and radio stations,
  • on Neighbourly,
  • through social media channels, including on the Fire and Emergency Facebook page.

The ads feature some of our own volunteers and the reason why they’re involved and encourage people to comment on social media using the tag #LetsHearIt.

Following the week, we will share some of these messages from the public, including through community papers and social media.

Information is being sent out to stations to help volunteers to engage with their own communities during National Volunteer Week, for example via their own social media sites.

How you can help support our National Volunteer Week activities

Use this week to let your communities know about the role our volunteers play and any opportunities to be involved.

Make sure you check out our posts on Fire and Emergency’s Facebook, Instagram and Neighbourly channels, and share these messages across your own social media accounts.

Remember to use #LetsHearIt when you comment and share.

If you would like more information, contact NHQ Communications, 

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