As you’ll know, these days firefighters do so much alongside fighting fires. Attending motor vehicle crashes is a big part of what we do and that means we see the harsh reality of what can happen when things go wrong on our roads.

While we will always be there to answer the call from communities in instances of motor vehicle crashes, Road Safety Week serves as a reminder for everyone to be safe behind the wheel and follow the road rules at all times.

Road Safety Week is run by the road safety charity, Brake and gives us the opportunity to share and promote messages about just how important it is to be safe on our roads.

Brake is a road safety charity that works to prevent road death and injury, make streets and communities safer, and supports the victims of road crashes. Brake started Road Safety Week in New Zealand in 2012 as an annual event to raise awareness about road safety and promote steps that everyone can take to stop these needless deaths and injuries year-round.

How can you support?


You can also put up a Road Safety Week poster in your station, or use the Road Safety Week Zoom/Teams background.

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