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On Sunday 1 July, we mark the one-year anniversary of Fire and Emergency. 

Looking back over the past year we’ve achieved a lot. We have a unique opportunity to build on the strengths of the previous fire services throughout the country, while working to create a future-focused organisation that better meets the changing demands of our communities.

I believe we are well on track to fulfilling the promise we made to New Zealand and I am proud of the progress we’ve made in a short space of time.

Our people are at the core of everything we do here at Fire and Emergency and this past year has been heavily focused on our people and how we can better support them to do what they do best – keeping communities safe.

Throughout this year we have delivered new resources, support and skills for the front line and I am seeing clear examples of what a difference this has made to our firefighters.

We have invested in 22 more trainers on the ground to better support our regions, and employed a further 11 Volunteer Support Officers to provide more direct brigade support. We have rebranded 139 of our stations with new signs and rebranded 216 of our fire trucks and 163 of our white fleet vehicles. We have also introduced 45 white fleet vehicles to our rural firefighters with another 18 currently being fitted out with signage, lights and sirens.

As you’ll see in this month’s update, work on ensuring that we have an integrated and well maintained network of facilities throughout the country is ongoing with currently 16 stations receiving significant upgrades or in some cases new stations are being built.

As part of our commitment to improving the outcomes for people in our communities, new medical equipment is being rolled out across the country. We are delivering new three-lead defibrillators to our 59 stations that are medical first responders and we are working to roll out a further 200 defibrillators to rural firefighters that are part of medical co-response.

At the same time, we are heavily focussed on making sure that we are building the right foundations for an effective and sustainable Fire and Emergency such as ensuring we are an inclusive and diverse organisation that reflects the communities we serve.  

We are also dedicated to bringing our people along with us through our change and ensuring we get it right. The upcoming consultation on our Operating Model – the ‘what, how and why’ of what we will do in the future – is a key part of this.

Together we’ve done a lot in this first year of Fire and Emergency. While we have more work ahead of us, I encourage you all next week to pause and take in all we have done. It’s been thanks to your enthusiasm, patience, and sheer hard work.

So here’s to you and thanks for your continued commitment to Fire and Emergency.

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