We deal with a wide range of personal information and data on a daily basis across Fire and Emergency New Zealand. In our work we collect, analyse and use personal information to perform our roles and to keep our communities safe.

Much of this information is about our people or people in our communities and it’s important to ensure we protect the information we collect.

That’s why today, at the start of Privacy Week 2022, we’re launching our new Privacy Policy and Guidelines. The Privacy Policy sets out expectations for how we handle the personal information that we collect and the privacy guidelines help us determine what a privacy incident is, and what we should do if there is a breach or a near miss. Due to the nature of our organisation, the Privacy Act 2020 and privacy considerations are relevant to all personnel – including employees, volunteers and contractors.

The following documents contain all the information you should be aware of:

In addition to the Privacy Policy and guidelines, we should all be familiar with Fire and Emergency’s Privacy Officer and how to contact them.

Do you know how to identify what is personal information and why it’s important to protect it?

The Privacy Act 2020 centres around the protection of personal information.

Personal information is any information about an identifiable person – such as people’s names, contact details, photos, or their involvement in an incident as a victim or a responder.

Even if the person’s name isn’t included, it might still be personal information – any information that could identify a person makes it personal information.

The way we use, disclose, or keep personal information is important as it has the potential to cause harm or distress to people even when the information doesn’t seem particularly sensitive. Being thoughtful about how we deal with people’s personal information shows respect for their privacy.

If you’re not sure if something is personal information, or have any privacy related questions, please contact the legal team.


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