The issue:

We have been notified that a member of personnel at NHQ has been targeted with a whale phishing email (targeted email scam) claiming to be from a member of our executive team that appears to have fraudulent intent e.g. seeking payment. If mistaken as a genuine email, it could have resulted in fraudulent payment.


What you need to do:

Everyone needs to be aware, these types of emails could be received by any one of us. 

If you believe you have received such an email, contact the IT Support team to let them know. Email or phone 0800 374 843 and select option 1.

Some signs to look out for include:

  • When the name against the email address matches the name of someone in Fire and Emergency New Zealand, but the email address is NOT a Fire and Emergency one.


  • If the email contains the following WARNING text:


Everyone should complete the online learning module for Information Security on Learning Station(external link)(external link). If you have already completed it, you can always do it again to refresh yourself with the information. You can also find more helpful information and support for keeping safe online on CERT NZ(external link)(external link) and Netsafe(external link)(external link)



Get in touch with the IT Support team if you have any questions or something phishy to report. Email or phone 0800 374 843 and select option 1.

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