A new app – GoodSAM (Good Smartphone Activated Medics) – is officially being launched at the New Zealand Resuscitation Conference in Wellington. The app allows medically trained people to sign up so they can be alerted and respond to suspected cardiac arrests occurring close to them, when they’re not otherwise on duty.

The GoodSAM app is being launched by St John and is supported by Wellington Free Ambulance, the National Cardiac Network, and Fire and Emergency New Zealand, with the intention of inviting other organisations that employ medically trained people. The goal is to get a qualified person to a suspected cardiac arrest as soon as possible – the sooner we start CPR, the better the chances of survival for the patient.

For Fire and Emergency NZ, it’s a natural fit to be part of this initiative – we’re partnering with other emergency services to help save lives, and our people’s involvement grows the GoodSAM community by thousands.

How GoodSAM works

The St John and Wellington Free CAD system automatically chooses GoodSAM responders through geolocation (up to 1000 metres), and will send an alert out to those phones.

St John have already started using the app, and some of our people who volunteer with St John are already signed up as a GoodSAM responder.

You may find someone at an incident providing CPR when you respond to a call. The GoodSAM responder will step down once emergency services arrive.

GoodSAM Guidelines and Registration process for Fire and Emergency personnel

GoodSAM Guidelines have been developed to help you understand how medical responders can sign up and use the app to help if someone nearby needs medical attention. Make sure you read the guidelines before signing up as a GoodSAM responder.

If you have any questions about the GoodSAM app, contact Gavin Travers, National Comcens & Medical Response Manager: Gavin.Travers@fireandemergency.nz

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