Tomorrow is International Firefighters’ Day | Whakanuia Ngā Kaipatuahi. This is a day where we and communities all around the world thank and acknowledge the mahi that firefighters undertake to ensure the safety of their communities. 

To all of our firefighters who give up so much of their time to carry out their mahi – thank you. You are at the heart of the Fire and Emergency whānau and are a crucial part of the communities that you serve. 

It is also a chance for us to thank the support systems that enable you to do what you do. To your whānau, your friends and your employers – we appreciate the sacrifices you make in order for our firefighters to answer the call day and night. 

International Firefighters’ Day was established in 1999 following the loss of 5 firefighters in Victoria, Australia. If you are able to tomorrow, we ask that you take the time to remember those who have lost their lives in the line of duty. 

Keep an ear out today and tomorrow on the radio for a thank you message to firefighters from our Chief Executive Kerry Gregory.  

If you or your brigade are doing anything special to mark International Firefighters’ Day, we’d love to see it. Please send any photos or stories to



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