As part of the Volunteer Support Year One initiatives, 12 additional urban capability trainers have been recruited across the regions to provide local and flexible training activity, directly related to the needs of brigades and their communities. The first five of ten new rural capability trainers are currently also being recruited.

Region 2 are using these new trainers in an innovative way that’s resulted in a real boost in the capability of local volunteer personnel.

Region Training Coordinator Kevin Dyer explains: “The trainers have significantly boosted the Station Officer programme by running three learner support days. These days have helped prepare people for the courses, and resulted in more people achieving passes.

“The positive impact is shown by the fact that 36 personnel are due to complete the Volunteer Station Officer course by April 2018 - compared to only six in between July 2016 and June 2017. Those doing the Station Officer course felt more confident prior to taking the practical, thanks to the one on one coaching from the trainers.” 

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