Training is a crucial piece of the puzzle that makes Fire and Emergency New Zealand the high performing organisation that it is.

To keep our people engaged, we’re looking at new ways to educate, inform and prompt discussion among teams. We know that our firefighters are provided an avalanche of material that they’re expected to read, absorb and learn from. So to ensure our people continue to engage with training materials, we’ve been looking at developing tools that are innovated, engaging and standout.

First off the cab rank, we’ve been working with animation to tackle serious issues and deliver messages in a way that is less threatening than many other more traditional training tools. Using animation is not only engaging, but allows us to get lots of information across in a short amount of time.

We’ve also been looking at how we can use 3D navigable animations for training scenarios and interactive 360-degree training videos, and will be launching a trial with augmented reality that will bring written education material to life with video.

Stay tuned.

Learning Development Team.

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