Our updated rehabilitation commitment statement now extends to all of our Fire and Emergency New Zealand people.


Any Fire and Emergency NZ employee who is injured at work can access rehabilitation support through the Injury Management Unit. Fire and Emergency has been an ACC accredited employer for the last 17 years and is committed to providing effective and best practice rehabilitation support. 

If you have a work-related injury, someone from the unit will contact you to discuss what support you might need to help your recovery including a return-to-work plan.

Please contact the IMU on 0800 347 306 or contact your manager if you have any questions or concerns about a workplace injury or the rehabilitation process.  There’s also more information on the Safety Health and Wellbeing page on the Portal.


Volunteers who are injured while working for Fire and Emergency continue to receive support directly from ACC through the UFBA administered ‘Accident Assurance Scheme'.

There is more information on the Portal or directly through the UFBA website.

And don’t forget, if you have an accident/injury or near miss you need to report it on the Accident Kiosk on the Portal.

Rehabilitation Commitment Statement

Until recently, our Rehabilitation Commitment Statement was between the Fire Service and the New Zealand Professional Firefighters Union which represents our career operational people. We recognise that all our people can be affected in some way by injury or illness and therefore our current Rehabilitation Commitment Statement has been updated to include an endorsement by all personnel representatives.

In making this shared declaration, Fire and Emergency and union and association representatives commit to working together to ensure that rehabilitation is effective for all injured and ill Fire and Emergency people.

Read our Rehabilitation Commitment Statement 

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