Update 5.30pm, 25 November

The Portal syncing issues that some people were experiencing have now been resolved. Thanks for your patience.

What’s happening

Fire and Emergency’s Portal is currently experiencing some syncing issues. The issues people are experiencing vary between users and include:

  • Content on some pages appears to be missing.
  • You may see a different version of the Portal from your colleague.
  • Pages updated today may still show a previous version.
  • If you are someone who posts content you may notice some images, content or documents are missing in the content management system.

This is being caused by syncing issues between two mirror copies of the Portal on different servers. There is no current workaround at this point to access any content that’s missing for you.

What we’re doing about it

Our vendors are urgently working to investigate and fix the issue. We will keep you updated via this news article.

Contact for any ICT issues

ICT helpdesk: 0800 374 843 or ictsupport@fireandemergency.nz  

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