What’s happening?

On Sunday 6 October the following network drives will be temporarily unavailable between 8-9am while the servers they’re on are restarted:

  • O: Drive - Home Drives (PVW-CORE-FILE1)
  • N: Drive - National (PVW-CORE-FILE3)
  • P: Drive - Public (PVW-CORE-FILE7)
  • P: Drive – EIRSA (PVW-CORE-FILE5)

What you need to know/do

Please save and close any documents you are working on before 8am on Sunday to prevent losing data.

If you do need to work during this outage period, please save a working copy of your document to your laptop desktop before 8am Sunday and work from that.

Contact for further information

ICT helpdesk on 0800 374 843 or email ictsupport@fireandemergency.nz

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