The issue

Since Tuesday 13 March we’ve been experiencing issues with remote access to Web Mail from a computer and/or phone.

A large volume of spam emails was generated, requiring us to block remote Web Mail access and remove access to Web Mail through the Portal to protect the organisation. This is a timely reminder not to click on links in an email if you are uncertain of the email's origin.

We can now confirm that we are certain our systems are safe.

The ICT team has been working around the clock to clean up our email system. Part of that clean up required every user to change their password for security reasons.  

How you can access your email

If you are working on-station, in an Area Office or NHQ, or have a laptop that has Windows 10 there are no issues with accessing your email.

Currently we are also moving all of our users to Office 365. This will help us to improve our security as we will have a process to verify that the right person is accessing email.

Until we move everyone to Office 365, some people will not have access to remote email. We will update this page as we progress with alternative options for safe remote access. This is expected to be completed in the next week or so for the majority of users.

We appreciate this has been quite disruptive, and apologise that you have had to wait until now for this update. However, we have had to wait while we assessed the situation before we placed too much information on these channels.

Please resist using the helpdesk number if you’re unable to access your emails or find the Web Mail link on the Portal, as Helpdesk staff have already received over 400 requests. We are aware of this issue and will let you know when Office 365 has been installed for everyone and the mail link is restored on the Portal. 

Once again thank you for your patience and cooperation. We appreciate this issue is extremely frustrating, and we are working as quickly as possible to restore access for everyone.

If you would like more information, please contact Murray Mitchell, Director Information and Communications Technology:

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