What's happening?

The ICT Support Team are replacing older monitors and docking stations at NHQ. This will be completed over two weekends in early August.


Why are we doing this?

This asset refresh cycle will ensure our office based equipment is reliable and compatible for all users. This refresh will also allow computing devices (laptops and tablets) to connect to a universal docking station and cable type in the future. This will provide more efficient use of our existing workstation spaces, allowing our people to become increasingly mobile, and not tied to one office location. 


When will it happen?

  • Phase 1: Saturday 1st August to Sunday 2nd August. NHQ floor levels 3, 8, 9.
  • Phase 2: Saturday 8th August – Sunday 9th August. NHQ floor levels 10, 11, 12.


Who is doing this?

ICT has organised contractors to perform this work over these weekends. They will also swap out and test the new hardware setup. On the following Monday morning (8am-12pm, on each floor), there will be ICT support on each floor to troubleshoot any issues relating to this replacement work.


Additional information/instructions

Please ensure you log off and shut down your computer over these weekends, and remove all personalised notes and stickers from your existing monitor, as the old monitors will be taken away for recycling.


For any further questions or issues please contact one of the NHQ - ICT Support Team on Level 10. 


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