All paid operational and non-operational Home Base's front pagepeople must use Home Base(external link) instead of the HR Kiosk to access their pay slips.

Home Base is a modern, online tool that will eventually allow us to centrally record and administer a variety of people related (human resource) information and tasks, including pay, leave, contact details, jobs, and reporting lines.

This initial version of Home Base has been rolled out district-by-district, area-by-area, since November 2017 and was completed on Tuesday.

Home Base is one of our first fully integrated ICT systems to be rolled out nationally and replaces the employee HR Kiosk that our paid personnel have been using up to now. The HR Kiosk has been turned off as Home Base is the one system we will all be using from now on to view human resources information.

Home Base will be off line between Friday morning and Saturday afternoon while we upgrade the HR/Payroll system so it also runs on a modern platform. The pay run will go ahead on Friday regardless, and you will be able to see your pay slips on Monday, at the latest.

Using Home Base

You can access Home Base from the home page of the Portal and our networks - go to link). The Portal and our networks can be accessed using one of our computers in our offices, training centres, stations or brigades, or a Fire and Emergency NZ mobile device.

Once you have logged in to the Portal, you can go straight into Home Base. You do not have to log in again.

Career firefighters – note that your leave and leave balances will continue to be managed in SMS. All other paid employees should use Home Base.

At this stage, volunteers don’t need to use Home Base but, if you are at a station or brigade, you can log in and view your information. Once we have a mobile version, volunteers will be able to access Home Base from their own device (mobile phone, tablet or home PC).

Remember to always keep your personal information safe. If you’re going to be away from your desk for any length of time, lock your screen, log out of the Portal, or put your computer in ‘Sleep’ mode so no one else can access your on-line accounts, including your Home Base records.

Any problems, talk to your manager or business support person, or contact the ICT Help Desk on 0800 374 843 or

About Home Base

If you have been using HR Kiosk up to now, what you can see and do on Home Base is very much the same. At this stage of Home Base’s development, we have replaced like for like. In future, we will be adding more functions.

The big difference is what is ‘under the hood’ and the information it contains. Home Base is built on a new, modern, fully-supported Microsoft platform. It includes information about all our people, not just paid employees, drawing this information from a variety of sources, including PSe (Peterborough Systems enterprise).

Find out more about Home Base on the Integration pages of the Portal, including a Fact Sheet and Quick Reference Guide [PDF, 569 KB].

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