Starting today, our winter fire safety campaign ‘See a fire before it starts’ will aim to get those at risk to better identify fire risks when using heaters, fireplaces and dryers, and to be safer when using them.

The campaign imagery uses a thermal image camera to show the fire risk associated with everyday household items, invisible to the naked eye.

The campaign focuses on three fire safety actions:

  • A metre from the heater – keep everything at a safe distance
  • Cool ash before you stash – soak with water in a metal bucket
  • A clean dryer avoids fire – remove lint before every use

We’re targeting the Intenders and the Disengaged segments as research tells us that both don’t prioritise fire safety in the home. Our campaign will give them practical actions they can take to reduce their risk, and make our message visible close to home, where the risky behaviour happens.

The campaign will feature across social, digital billboards, radio, online video, digital display, and MetService. To make the best use of our budget, the digital ads will be triggered when the forecasted temperature dips under 14 degrees.

It’s the third time that we use this creative approach – our research shows it has moderate awareness amongst our audience and we can see a steady long-term increase in perception of risk and decrease in risky behaviours.

As a part of Fire and Emergency, you play an important advocacy role by encouraging your networks and community to share and follow the three key fire safety actions. We’ve developed resources to help you share our messages: check out the Risk Reduction bookshelf(external link), or our website(external link).

When you’re out talking to the public, friends and whānau, remember to share our three key winter fire safety messages: a metre from the heater; cool ash before you stash; a clean dryer avoids fire.

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