Happy Matariki to everyone at Fire and Emergency.

Matariki is the Māori name for the Pleiades star cluster and heralds the beginning of the Māori New Year.

Historically, Māori looked to Matariki to forecast the next season’s weather so they would know when to begin planting.

Weather plays a key role in our operations at Fire and Emergency, as we work as guardian of our natural environments around New Zealand.

National Manager Kaupapa Māori Piki Thomas says Matariki is also an important time of year to remember those who have passed away.

“It is also the time to reflect on what worked well and what didn’t, and to look at ways to ensure we are well prepared for future events”.

“This is particularly significant this Matariki with  COVID-19 causing significant disruptions to our lives.  Matariki is an opportunity for us all to pause and reflect on how the year has impacted on us personally, and make plans for the future.”  

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