With Movember now well underway, some fantastic stories are starting to emerge about how our people are getting involved in this important cause.

Whether it’s growing a mo, moving for mental health, hosting a mo-ment or mo-ing your own way, our Fire and Emergency whānau are proudly flying the flag for a positive future for men’s health.

St Heliers' Station Officer Dave Lott shares how his brigade supported a Movember initiative in their community and what this cause means to him and our organisation:


In early November 2023, Fire and Emergency was approached by Mt Wellington shopping centre Stoneridge on Lunn in support for their Movember “Going the whole Hog” event.

Movember acknowledges men’s mental health and with Brown watch scheduled to be on duty the Officers In Charge quickly got on board with plans made for district engagement.

Being involved with causes like Movember is close to the hearts of every firefighter and aligns with one of Fire and Emergency’s key strategies: We Serve and Support – Manaakitanga.

Mt Wellington, Remuera and St Heliers stations attended the event at staggered times over two days, with some rain on the first day not dampening enthusiasm for the cause.

There was great community engagement and most, if not all crews left with full stomachs/puku ngārara. Over $15,000 was raised in support of Movember New Zealand.

Through the great work of some people at Fire and Emergency and funded by the Movember Foundation, the mental health of frontline operational personnel is being researched in one of the biggest surveys of its kind ever undertaken.(external link)

The stresses that firefighters can unwittingly carry may, over time, build up and show in areas one wouldn’t necessarily expect. Sadly, many firefighters have taken their own lives.

Hopefully by showing support for events like this it will encourage not only Fire and Emergency staff and volunteers, but the wider public that mental health is just as important as physical health. And it’s ok to ask for help.


If you, your brigade or team are getting involved in Movember, let us know! Email communications@fireandemergency.nz and show us how you are making the most of Movember!

If you’re not yet signed up it’s not too late to get involved! Check out ways you can support the mo-vement here(external link).



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