The first garments of the Unified Uniform are rolling out late this year. This is the first step of unifying us as one organisation through our uniform.

All Fire & Emergency operational personnel, including volunteers, operational support and brigade support will be getting a soft-shell jacket and baseball cap or bucket hat to wear on station, in the office, at training or on community visits.

They are not PPE for wearing to incidents, but it will help us to proudly represent Fire and Emergency when we’re out and about in the community.

For non-operational and corporate personnel, you’ll also have a choice of the Fire and Emergency bucket hat or baseball cap in this first stage of the rollout.

A sneak peek

The jacket is functional, toasty warm and looks great. The reflective Fire and Emergency branding on the back help us to stand out, and the poutama on the sleeve represents our steps of progress and our constant endeavour to improve, learning from the past while ascending into the future.

The black baseball cap and bucket hat also have the poutama design and the Fire and Emergency logo.

Check out the Portal page for the new soft-shell jacket, baseball cap and bucket hat.

What we need

Because we come in all shapes and sizes, it’s critical we get your size and it’s right, so we don’t waste time and money.

Watch the video to see the new jacket and hats and ignore the bits about measuring...

What is your size?

Sizing kits are coming!  Stop measuring!

Unfortunately, Workwear provided us with incorrect size information for the measuring charts, so we will be arranging to have sizing kits (full set which includes both male and female fits) in each Area for you to try on the jackets/caps and bucket hats and find the size that fits you before ordering.

A uniform lead in your station or the Business Services Coordinator in your Area or Regional office will submit the ordering form for you and your team.

We will be in touch with updated timeframes soon.

Thanks for the feedback and your patience.  If you have any questions, please email

 If you are a volunteer and an employee of Fire and Emergency, order your jacket and hat from the station.

More information is on the Portal.


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