Having to escape a fire is not something we want anyone to experience; however, if someone does find them self in such a situation, they are more likely to make good decisions and escape if they have previously gone through the process of thinking about how they would escape a fire.

Computer simulation does just that.

Developed by FAIP, interactive electronic game ‘FireTrap’ is designed to teach children 9-years-old and above what to do in a fire.  Through the game, children experience a fire in a range of virtual environments and are required to make decisions that will aid or inhibit their escape.

First released in 2014, FireTrap was recently enhanced with the help of funding from NZ On Air, with new shopping mall and cinema scenarios being added to complement the houses and school scenarios already in place.

Players come across 10 key safety practices as they try to escape the fire, including responding to smoke alarms, not taking items with you, crouching in smoke and going to a designated safe meeting place.

Available as an App on Apple and Android, and on PCs, FireTrap is going live on a new TVNZ children’s website in May 2018.

Please help promote FireTrap by downloading the App, and remember to ‘like’ it. The more ‘likes’ an App has, the more likely other people will download it and reap the benefits of being prepared to escape from fire.

Use external networks to download and operate FireTrap.

For further information, contact FAIP@fire.org.nz

(external link)  Search for FireTrap and look for the icon on your phone App



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