Risk Reduction is currently leading the revision of the Firefighting Water Supply Code of Practice (the Code), which is a critical document for providing guidance on determining sufficient supply of water for firefighting.

A Service Agreement has been initiated with Standards New Zealand (SNZ) to facilitate the drafting of a new Code, aimed at addressing challenges with the current code (NZS4509) and aligning it with present legislation.

The current code was developed in 2008 by the New Zealand Fire Service (NZFS) for urban areas and, due to its complexity and inadequate coverage of rural and wildfire environments, is no longer suitable for its intended purpose.

In compliance with the Fire and Emergency New Zealand Act 2017, which mandates a regular review of the code, Fire and Emergency has the opportunity to develop a new, fit-for-purpose Code that better supports our objectives and legislative and operational requirements.

The new Code will act as a vital risk management and planning tool, providing comprehensive guidance on firefighting water supply requirements in both urban and rural settings and prioritising accessibility for diverse audiences. Supported by validated calculations, it will strengthen credibility and support adoption into local government District plans. 

Project Progress and Next Steps:

The CoPFFWS Working Group, comprised of Subject Matter Experts from within Fire and Emergency, has been working on developing a Content Proposal Document. This document will assist SNZ in drafting the new Code by outlining possible components for it and serving as a foundational framework.

The Content Proposal Document has been sent to relevant internal stakeholders and unions and associations for feedback. Their valuable insights and recommendations will play a large role in shaping the final version.

Following endorsement from our Service Delivery Leadership Team (SDLT) the Content Proposal Document will be submitted to SNZ to commence drafting the new Code of Practice. 

We welcome any questions or comments regarding the CoPFFWS project. Please email CoPFFWSproject@fireandemergency.nz



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