The Get Firewise Family Books are now back in stock on Online Ordering.

Get Firewise Family Book

Thank you for your patience as we worked to resolve the compatibility issues with schools not being able to play the DVDs provided with the Get Firewise Family Book and the Get Firewise Year 1 & 2 Kits.

The solution to this is the videos and CD-ROM files referred to in the Teacher's Guide (FE4001) and the Family Book (FE4007) are now available on our YouTube channel and at the following link: link).

The firefighters’ DVD will be available on Learning Station. Just log in to the Portal, go to Learning Station, click on the catalogue button and look under Fire Risk Management.

The DVD inside the Family Book will be available on its own in small quantities on Online Ordering for children who cannot access the videos on YouTube at home. You will be able to order these DVDs if needed and take them to schools. You will find this in the Education > Year 1&2 folder on Online Ordering. 

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