We’ve recently made enhancements to the Safe@Work reporting system to improve the information we receive. These changes align with improving visibility of incidents and will support the regions as they complete safety investigations and reporting requirements.

This includes some changes to the drop-down menus when you are entering an event that we want to let you know about.

The key change is around recording the type of activity being undertaken when the event occurs. This is now clearly outlined as a Work Activity Type, not the person’s type of role.  

The Work Activity menu has now been expanded to include:

  • Non-Operational (e.g. promotional activity like home fire safety checks and admin work, housekeeping/cleaning, ). This category also covers all office-based work activities at NHQ or regional offices.,
  • Operational Readiness (e.g. Daily/weekly checks, hose, and waterway maintenance),
  • Operations (e.g. travel to from incident, operational activity, and recommissioning) and
  • Training (e.g. OSM/Brigade Training, training course, travel to from training course).

The Work Area drop down menu has also been updated to reflect the most common work areas for Fire and Emergency personnel.

We will continue to capture Operational Type, which was previously listed under Work Activity Type.  A new option has been added to the assessor’s page describing the activities that came under each of the four Work Activity Types. This won’t be viewable at the time of entering an event and will sit with the assessor to update the field.

Further enhancements are currently being reviewed and are due to be implemented later in the year. Information will be communicated when these changes are confirmed.

You can find out more about the changes to Safe@Work here [PDF, 132 KB] [PDF, 132 KB] or request support through your Region SHW Advisor 

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