It is now easier for all Fire and Emergency personnel to access work emails and other Microsoft applications (eg Word and Excel) via a Fire and Emergency or personal device (mobile, laptop or tablet).

Over the past few months Office 365 has been rolled out to Fire and Emergency volunteers, following rollouts to other personnel last year.

Office 365, being cloud-based, means you can:

  • download and use the Outlook App to check emails and look up contacts on your mobile
  • access Fire and Emergency information more securely when using a personal device, such as a home PC
  • reset your own password when you need to.

Need help to get started?

If you’re new to Office 365 and need help to get started, check out the how-to guides in print and video format on the Access to Office 365 email page on the Portal.

If you need additional help, please call ICT Support on 0800 374 843.

Self-service password resetting

The move to Office 365 means the power to reset your password, if and when you need to, is in your hands. No more searching for the number to ring ICT, waiting on hold, or remembering to ring back during standard business hours.

To use this service you’ll need to do two things:

  1. Register either a mobile number to get a text confirmation on, or an email address to receive a confirmation email at (eg a personal email) – so we can confirm it is you logging on to Fire and Emergency’s system via your personal device.
  2. Register answers to some simple, but personal, questions that we’ll ask you if you ever need to reset your password.

Citrix users please note: self-service password reset isn’t yet available via this platform so you’ll need to call the Spark help desk on 080 0374 843, option 1, to reset your password.

For more information on setting up and using self-service password reset, check out the “keeping your account secure” and “how to reset your password” sections on the Access to Office 365 email page on the Portal.

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