As children we all learn not to put our fingers, or utensils, in toasters. So when Waitati Qualified Fire Fighter Craig Meade’s wife got an electronic shock after accidentally slipping her fingers in to a new toaster he knew something was wrong.

“It wasn’t a big zap, but it was enough. We’d only recently purchased the toaster from K-Mart, and while it was plugged in it wasn’t turned on, so I knew there had to be something wrong with the wiring.”

Worried it could happen to someone else, Craig contacted WorkSafe’s Energy Safety, who took an incident report and subsequently requested the toaster for testing.

Last month, Craig received a phone call to say the toaster was being recalled across Australia and New Zealand due the wiring fault. Approximately 50,000 units have been sold and need to be recalled because of Craig’s actions. 

“One of the things firefighting teaches you is to keep your antenna up for things that are going to hurt you and others…and then to make them go away.”

This is great reminder that keeping our communities’ safe goes beyond firefighting and that there are a multitude of ways we can serve and protect. link)  

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