ICT will be updating the current Edge browser with Edge Chromium. Edge Chromium provides improved compatibility with Learning Station and should be used to access Learning Station on Fire and Emergency computers once the updates below have occurred. 

This update will not change the default browser, which will remain as Internet Explorer and will not impact any applications which require the use of Internet Explorer. However, Edge Chromium has been tested with all major Fire and Emergency applications and it can be used to launch them if personnel prefer to use the new browser. Edge Chromium will not be available for use on Citrix, and there are no changes to that environment at present - this change will only be for laptops and desktops. Learning Station is not supported in Citrix.

This update will occur in two phases on 2 and 9 December:

  1. Edge Chromium will be deployed on all devices with a compatible build. Approximately 4000 Fire and Emergency devices will receive this update. 
    • No reboot or action is required from personnel and the browser will install and update. 
    • The Edge browser icon will now look like the icon below in your taskbar, and the desktop shortcut will update to look like this:


  2. A week later, the Learning Station desktop shortcut will update, and when selected it will launch in the Edge Chromium browser. It will appear like this: 


The preferred browsers for accessing Learning Station via personal computers (via https://learningstation2.fireandemergency.nz(external link)(external link)) are the latest versions of Edge Chromium and Chrome (both of which are freely available to download and install on both Windows and Apple computers). The Education Technologies team will support the use of these browsers on personal computers on a best efforts’ basis. Learning Station queries can be directed to edtech@fireandemergency.nz

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