Properly fitted kit is not only more comfortable, but it also helps keep our firefighters safer from injuries such as compression burns and heat stress.

A new video and poster we have produced will help with what to look for when checking fit of Level 2 personal protective equipment.

Des Hosie, National Operations Advisor – Safety, Continuous Improvement and Lessons Management says he has seen too many injuries due to PPE not fitting correctly.

“Our body size can change but our kit size stays the same. The video is a fun and simple way to visually show firefighters and Officers in Charge how to check that their kit is the correct size and what to do if it isn’t. The poster can be put up at brigades as another quick and easy reference. Checks should be done every three months.”

The video can also be viewed on the Learning Station. Log in to Learning Station via the Portal and click the Search icon at the top right. Search for ‘kit fit’ then click the relevant Select button. Click start to launch the video.

The poster can be downloaded from the Portal and printed off but, if this is not possible, please contact and we will send one out to you.


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