As we approach the end of daylight saving (2 April), we’re kicking off a two-phased campaign aimed at ensuring more New Zealand households are set up to get the earliest warning possible in the event of a house fire.


In the two weeks leading up to daylight saving weekend, we’re continuing the ‘Firefighters Don’t Like Fire Movies’ campaign material to motivate Kiwis to push the button to check their smoke alarms are working.

Our key message now features interwoven te reo and English:

  • Press the pātene of your puoho auahi to make sure they are ready to protect you
  • Pēhia te button o to smoke alarm kia mōhio pu koe, mana koe e tiaki

After daylight saving weekend, we’ll encourage New Zealand households to install working smoke alarms in the right places in their homes to get the earliest warning possible.

In this phase, we’ll be continuing to use our ‘Museum of Fires Past’ campaign materials to encourage kiwis to install smoke alarms in every bedroom, hallways and living area. The creative showcases a series of burnt items from house fires, inspired by real people’s stories. The payoff is that the owners survived the blaze thanks to having functioning smoke alarms in the right places.

As part of Fire and Emergency, you play an important advocacy role by encouraging your networks and community to install and check their smoke alarms.

  • Nudge your friends and whānau to pēhia te button | press the pātene to check their smoke alarms this daylight saving.
  • Pop over to check the alarms of someone who might need a hand – are their alarms working? Are they set up to get an early warning with smoke alarms in every bedroom, hallway and living area?
  • Offer Home Fire Safety Visits.
  • Share our campaign messages on your local social media pages – they are available on the Risk Reduction bookshelf, on our external website campaign page and Facebook Admins Group.

And of course, don’t forget to check your smoke alarms too.


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