The Data & Analytics Directorate have created a Data Literacy Survey which we would like your engagement on. The purpose of the survey is to establish a baseline for current data literacy throughout Fire and Emergency.

The Survey should take about 4 minutes to complete and participation from all interested personnel is encouraged and greatly appreciated. The survey is open until Friday 26 July 2024.

The survey can be accessed here. (external link)

Or scan the QR code below to quickly access the survey on your mobile device.

What is data literacy?

Data is numbers, facts or instructions and literacy is the ability to read and write. The easiest way to think about Data Literacy is the ability to collect, manage, read, interpret, and apply data.

Why should I complete the survey?

By completing the survey you will help Fire and Emergency measure our data literacy. This will enable us to develop training and guidance to fill any knowledge gaps and build workforce capability in data literacy across Fire and Emergency. Please help us to help you.

Is the survey voluntary?

Yes. The survey is entirely voluntary, and you can close it at any time.

Is the survey anonymous?

Yes, absolutely. We have set-up the survey in such a way that no one in Fire and Emergency will know you have completed the survey.


This survey is open to all Fire and Emergency personnel. However, questions will be mainly relevant to those who actively use data for decision making, even to a small degree, within their roles. We are encouraging all users to participate, as this will give us the best overview of capability across all business units.

Results from this survey will help us gain an understanding of current data literacy across Fire and Emergency; from which we can build training, guidance and workforce capability in data literacy.

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