Cyber Smart Week kicks off today and runs until Friday 18 October. The week is a government initiative which focuses on raising awareness on what you and your family can do to protect yourselves online.

Cyber safety is now a fact of life. With more and more of us using mobile devices for work and play, there are more and more chances of our personal and organisational information and devices falling into the wrong hands. We all have to be more vigilant about who sees, uses, or accesses our information and devices.

Everyone has a role to play in keeping themselves, and Fire and Emergency NZ, safe online. At work and at home.

This year New Zealand organisations are being increasingly targeted by fraudsters trying to get into systems and accesses people’s data and finances. These can be through hoax phone calls or spam emails.

One of the key things you can do to help Fire and Emergency keep our ICT systems and data safe is to contact the ICT Helpdesk (0800 374 843 or as soon as possible, day or night, to report activity that may impact the security of our systems, e.g. if you’ve lost a Fire and Emergency device or a personal device with work info on it, opened a suspicious email or link, or received any spam, hoax emails or phone calls.

By reporting everything, we can more quickly build a picture of what, if any, issue we may be facing and work quickly to fix it. 

We’ll be posting a helpful tip on the Portal every day for the rest of the week – look out for these and if you have any questions, our ICT Helpdesk team are always happy to help.

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