The competition was judged by National Manager, Safety Health and Wellbeing, April Christie who said that a lot of thought had gone into the photos and the theme of ‘looking out for each other’.

‘There are two winners, congratulations to Siobhan Flanigan, Firefighter from Thames Volunteer Fire Brigade and Darren Shackleton, trainer from Te Ihu (previously Region 4).

“The words accompanying Siobhan’s photo of a fire reflected the ‘looking out for each other’ theme. Darren’s photo stood out because it displayed so well some of the everyday aspects that help our mental health wellbeing such as family time, getting outdoors, and animals.

“We were delighted with the response to the competition and hope everyone who entered had fun creating their photos.”

Siobhan and Darren are receiving wellbeing packs as prizes.

Siobhan's entry


Darren's entry

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