Who should read this

All Fire and Emergency personnel who use a Fire and Emergency computer or access our systems and services remotely.

What’s happening

On Wednesday 12th June between 8:30pm and 10:30pm essential hardware within our core Fire and Emergeny network will be upgraded. This is to improve the resiliency and performance of the network.

All systems and services (including folder and file access, Portal, Internet, SMS, M-Pad, Email, JDE, Learning Station and Homebase) will be unavailable during this time.

Actions required

  • If you require access to key information and data during the outage period, please ensure you have a manual or copy on a hard drive or USB before 8:30pm.
  • If you are using a Fire and Emergency computer, please log off at the end of the day as per usual, then log back on after 10:30pm or at the beginning of the next day when you’re back in the office / station.

Contact for any issues

If you encounter any problems accessing our systems after 10:30pm, please contact our ICT helpdesk on 0800 374 843 or email via ictsupport@fireandemergency.nz

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