During Cyclone Gabrielle in February 2023, the Geospatial Team within the Data and Analytics Directorate developed a web-based geospatial product known as the Common Operating Picture (Original COP). The Original COP was designed using Esri's ArcGIS Online platform and featured various geospatial map layers and tools, providing crucial situational awareness to different stakeholder groups (Police, NZDF, NEMA, MBIE, MPI etc) involved in response and recovery activities.

In response to the need for a readily available permanent solution, and taking into account lessons learnt from the Gabrielle COP, the Common Operating Platform (COP) has been developed and will have its initial release in July 2024 for FENZ internal testing, with other EM services being provided access to review and provide feedback. The COP amalgamates critical information from FENZ, such as appliance locations, 111 calls, Wide Area Impact Assessments (WAA), Rapid Building Damage Assessments (RDA), and more, with contextual data from other agencies and companies like road closures, power-meter access, and oblique and satellite imagery. 

This new COP offers a suite of mapping tools, focused on four primary areas: Situational Awareness, People & Property, Assets & Infrastructure, and Imagery. This solution will always remain accessible, offering response agencies and partners with up-to-date, critical information to support their efforts during future large-scale natural disaster events.

The COP is predominantly a tool for leaders and decision makers, with a core input from the Wide Area Assessment (WAA) tool. While the WAA tool is an essential pillar of the COP, it is yet to be formally released. We plan to hold testing on the WAA tool internally, with assistance from career and volunteer brigades. If an emergency scenario occurred now the WAA could be stood up to function alongside the COP, but the full release is planned to occur post-testing in the coming months.

We are planning to establish consultation workshops with Fire and Emergency personnel, including USAR, and the wider EM group (Police, NZDF, NEMA, MBIE, MPI etc.). Following feedback from this group, any significant changes to the COP will be carried out with a view to release the final version towards the end of 2024.




 The Wide Area Assessment (WAA) tool is a mobile application:


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