There’s nothing like sitting back with a beer or wine at the end of a long day or week and relaxing with workmates. At Fire and Emergency New Zealand, we’re lucky because throughout the country we have canteens that allow us to do just that without having to fight the hustle and bustle of the local pub or make an extra stop before heading home.

What we need to remember is that with this privilege comes responsibilities. To remind our crews of this, Learning Development has developed an animation about what can go on in a canteen to generate discussion and make people think twice about their actions.

At present, the Fire and Emergency policy and code of practice that this relates to has only been rolled out to urban brigades, but the message at the heart of the animation is relevant to all canteens.

As we know, our firefighters can be time poor, so we’ve packed a lot into a short amount of time – two minutes – and we encourage crews to watch the animation together then discuss what they think of the messages in it. To help generate these discussions, we have also developed a facilitator guide for our people's leaders.

After the animation has been online for a few months, we’ll be asking for feedback on the use of animations as a training tool in the future.

Happy watching.

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