Following Kerry’s release of a change proposal for consultation on how the future People Branch is structured, there has been steady feedback coming into the change project team. Thank you to everyone who has asked questions, made  comments or made a formal submission so far.

A reminder that if you still want to have your say, the consultation is open to everyone in FENZ. Feedback and submissions can be made via the Portal until 4pm this Friday 30 September. All and everyone’s input is welcomed by Kerry.

Background to the proposal - read a quick summary of the proposal here [PDF, 130 KB].

The proposed new design is the result of engagement across the Branch and the wider organisation over the past four months. It also incorporates other work done in parts of the Branch previously to deliver service improvements to our organisation.

The project has been named People Branch Reset. This reflects the goal of not just focusing on structure, but on enabling new ways of working, greater role clarity and clearer pathways for the wider organisation to access the Branch’s all-important services.

Seven directorates are proposed, including some new ones. The proposed design suggests bringing together like functions such as recruitment services into one directorate. It also elevates areas such as Safety, Health and Wellbeing and a new business partnership model, to directorate level.

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