The positive workplace culture team are seeking feedback from all personnel on the design of the Behaviour and Conduct Office (BCO) and encourage you to complete the survey.

The BCO has been set up to be the future centre for education and training on values-based behaviour, to address the barriers to reporting bullying and harassment and to manage complaints.

The feedback you give will help inform the design, structure and processes for our BCO. It’s important you have our say so the team can get it right.

Please note this is not formal consultation, the team are simply seeking early feedback. They’ll then formally consult on the design later this year.

Depending on how many of the free-text questions you'd like to engage with, the survey could take you anywhere between 30-45 mins.

Access the survey here:  Building our Behaviour and Conduct Office – share your thoughts(external link)

This survey is open until 3 July 2020.   

If you have any questions, need clarification or further information about the BCO, you can attend one of the 30-minute drop-in sessions via Microsoft Teams:

Wednesday 10 June – 11am - Join Microsoft Teams Meeting
(external link)
Wednesday 17 June – 4pm - Join Microsoft Teams Meeting
(external link)
Thursday 18 June – 7pm - Join Microsoft Teams Meeting
(external link)
Wednesday 24 June – 11am - Join Microsoft Teams Meeting
(external link)
Thursday 25 June – 7pm - Join Microsoft Teams Meeting
(external link)
Friday 26 June – 11am - Join Microsoft Teams Meeting(external link)

Thanks to all of you for your ongoing support of the work we are all doing to create a Fire and Emergency where everyone feels safe, welcome and included.

The positive workplace culture programme

Fire and Emergency New Zealand was formed in July 2017 and brought together 14,000 people across 40 different organisations, all with different cultures and ways of doing things.

We are creating a new culture in our organisation going forward and we’ve been working towards this for some time.

In January 2019, the findings of an independent review of Fire and Emergency’s workplace policies, procedures and practices to address bullying and harassment was released. This review(external link) was our choice. It was our line in the sand – bullying and harassment have no place, not in our place.

The positive workplace culture programme was established to address the 33 recommendations that came from the independent review.

We are making good progress, but we still have a way to go.

Find out more about the programme, read about the progress and view our bullying and harassment awareness campaign videos - link)

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