As part of the Positive Workplace Culture Programme, the Behaviour and Conduct Office has been established as the central point for support and guidance on values-based behaviour. From Monday 2 March, the Behaviour and Conduct Office is coordinating all complaints of bullying and harassment.

Since June 2019, we’ve been contracting an external provider, HumanKind to provide an interim solution as we stood up the Behaviour and Conduct Office. You told us the complaint process needs to be timely, transparent, trusted and fair. We are now ready to progress to the next steps of the journey to realise this.

What will the Behaviour and Conduct Office do?

  • Communicate and act in a timely manner
  • Listen and provide impartial and independent advice
  • Treat all people respectfully
  • Work to provide advice on questions you might have about raising a complaint or resolving an issue
  • Provide advice on support options

What's next?

We will continue to engage widely to gather feedback to ensure that the complaints process is timely, transparent, trusted and fair. That includes engaging with the whole Fire and Emergency waka – our people, our unions and associations, and other internal and external stakeholders.

In March and April 2020 there will be regional engagements following last November’s national Workplace Culture hui. A component of those events will be the design and structure of the BCO and the final state of our complaints process.

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