An idea suggested via Beacon less than two months ago, by Matata Volunteer Fire Brigade’s Deputy Chief Fire Officer Mark Hofert, has now become a reality as the first idea to be progressed through to implementation.

Beacon is the online crowdsourcing tool that we are using to gather and discuss ideas from our people to help shape our new organisation.

Mark suggested a tear-off booklet of the St John patient handover forms in the “Equipment to make a difference” challenge on Beacon. Mark had found the original St John booklets really useful for recording patient details at medical incidents. Those stopped being produced, and although the form is available on the Portal to print off, Mark felt a pocket-sized, pre-printed booklet would be much more user-friendly.

“The main thing is we can record vitals and it helps us gives a succinct handover,” he says. “As a first response brigade, clinical handover is critical. We need pads in our truck, our van, and to use in training.”

After an initial assessment by the Innovation Management Group, the booklet idea was then finalised with Gavin Travers, Medical Response Manager. The resulting A5, 50-sheet booklet of patient handover forms is already proving popular via Online Ordering with the initial print-run quickly snapped up.

“The way that Beacon enables engagement and gives visibility to good ideas and fresh thinking is great,” says Mark. “It makes a big difference that Fire and Emergency is supporting our efforts in our little town.”

Neil Meekin, Innovation Manager, encourages all Fire and Emergency personnel to log into Beacon and check it out. At present you can submit an idea for a future challenge, and view and comment on ideas other people have submitted, in the “Challenge Challenge”. You can also check the progress of other successful ideas from earlier challenges. The next tranche of new challenges opens on 19 September.

Beacon was retired in 2020

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The “FE905 Patient Handover Form” can be ordered via the “Our Organisation” folder in Online Ordering(external link)(external link).

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