Beacon was retired at the end of 2020.

At a 2017 Volunteer Workshop, attending volunteers highlighted the need to have a place to submit ideas online to support our 14,000+ strong personnel.

Well, you voiced it, you got it!

Welcome to Beacon, your go-to platform to gather and discuss your ideas to help shape the future for Fire and Emergency NZ.

Designed as a ‘Crowdsourcing’ tool, Beacon is a place that directly hits up a ‘crowd’ to provide input, knowledge and expertise. In this case, that crowd is you. As Fire and Emergency progresses through some big changes over the next few years, having a place (or platform) where useful and instructive information can be captured will be an inventive way to take those ideas and turn them into something positive for you and the organisation.

Beacon will include a number of initial challenges for you to respond to with your ideas. You can also submit topics which may become the focus of future challenges. A Challenge is a question looking for an answer; it can either highlight a problem or an opportunity that guides the ideas.

Once an Idea is posted, it becomes open for people to vote and comment on. This allows our people from across the country to have an input into what is directly affecting them. If the Idea gathers a lot of attention, the Innovation Management Team will pick it up and assess it for possible implementation. Don’t worry though, all ideas will be looked at. 

So, where do you go to get started? Beacon will go live from 6 June and you can access it at FAQs and what you can do to get stuck in will be available on the page. For more information, please email Caitlin MacKay at

Take part, support and collaborate to make your future heard.


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