Development of the Availability and Messaging System (AMS) has started and we expect it to be ready later this year.

This new tool will provide accurate, up-to-date information about the availability of volunteers, and others, to respond to fire and emergencies.

Our priority is to move the 70 or so brigades currently using Volunteer Availability Communications System (VACS) to the new AMS. In the meantime, existing VACs terminals are currently being replaced with new devices (called Station Kiosks) to provide greater reliability for VACs users now, and they can use these to run the replacement system, AMS, when it becomes available.

The intention is that the AMS will then become available nationally to stations that wish to use it.

The developer of the national AMS came on board earlier this month and its design will be based on the small scale prototype developed, and tested, by the AMS Reference Group earlier this year.  We’re building an AMS that you can easily update on your phone. This photo shows you one feature of what it may look like.

Find out more on the AMS project page on the Portal.

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