Hi everyone,

Welcome to the April edition of the Fire and Emergency NZ Update. I want to start this edition by reiterating our clear commitment for the safety, health and wellbeing of our people.

A safe workplace is one where everyone goes home safe and well, and one where everyone feels supported and safe at all times.

This includes being able to participate and be fairly recognised regardless of gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, age, beliefs / opinions or family circumstances; and working in a positive and supportive environment, where people are accepted for who they are.

I am determined that Fire and Emergency will be a workplace where everyone is in one canoe, with no exceptions - He waka eke noa.

If you find yourself in a situation where you don’t feel supported or safe, we encourage you to reach out to the confidential advice, counselling and support services available to all personnel, and their immediate families, at no cost. Details about these services are available on the Portal, at Seek safety, health and wellbeing support.

This month’s Update focuses on some of the new initiatives and support delivered so far for our people this year, including the roll our new identity out across fleet, property, and uniform.

If you have questions or feedback about any of these stories, you can email the team at myvoice@fireandemergency.nz or me directly at ce@fireandemergency.nz.




50 year gold medals


24 March 2018

Ian George (Geordie) Ross 


24 March 2018

Dave Gunn 


24 March 2018

Geoff Gray 


7 April 2018

John Rose 


April Monthly Update Content 

Rolling out our new identity

Have your say

Supporting volunteers

New stations open in the south 

Bringing the public voice into Fire and Emergency New Zealand 


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