Alpha deployment returned to Aotearoa New Zealand over the weekend after spending two weeks providing aid to Queensland Fire and Emergency Services (QFES).

Queensland has over 40 wildfires currently burning throughout the state, and Alpha has contributed much needed relief and resources to QFES.

The six-person Incident Management Team returned on Friday evening, while the Strike Team arrived back a day later.

Tasks our Alpha Strike Team have carried out include treating hotspots, removing trees that pose hazards and even visiting local children at a primary school that was forced to evacuate due to nearby wildfires.

This experience has been invaluable for our firefighters who now return home with a wealth of knowledge ahead of our fire season.

Our Incident Management Team who accompanied Alpha have also returned with a great deal of real-life experience that will be indispensable when managing future large-scale events in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Alpha’s work will be carried on by Bravo deployment who arrived in Australia on Thursday 16th November.


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