Today ACC has announced they have introduced a new tool to help its Toxicology Panel assess work-related cancer claims lodged by career firefighters.

Firefighters who currently have claims lodged with ACC or are working with our injury management unit have been informed of this new tool today as it has been used to assess their claims.

The tool enables the Panel to analyse clinical evidence together with improved data about the experience and varied roles of firefighters. 

This tool doesn’t change ACC’s current processes, but with additional data and evidence provided by Fire and Emergency, it allows ACC to get a better picture of what firefighters have experienced, so they can make informed cover decisions.

ACC’s current legislation allows cover for firefighter occupational cancer under the ‘work related gradual process injury’ provision.  Due to the wording in the Act this excludes all Volunteers including Volunteer Firefighters. Ultimately, any legislative change is a matter for Parliament.

Keeping our people safe and well is at the heart of everything we do. Our people put themselves on the line every day to help keep our communities safe.

We welcome the opportunity to continue working with relevant Government agencies, unions and other interested parties to ensure firefighters who develop occupational cancer get the best support possible.

If you  would like further information about what Fire and Emergency is doing to prevent work-related cancer, I encourage you to direct them to the Carcinogen Control Project, visit this page on the Portal.

If you would like more information about ACC's new tool, download this information sheet. [PDF, 529 KB]

If you, or any career firefighters in your region need support lodging a claim, they can first contact our Injury Management Unit on 0800 347 306.

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