December in the media

21/12/2018 | National

A diverse new intake of firefighters and honours awarded for neighbourhood support and a long-serving brigade member, were just some of events this month that saw Fire and Emergency in the media. Check out some of the coverage!

Stay well and seek support if you need it

20/12/2018 | National

Nothing is more important than your safety, health and wellbeing. If you or your family need support over the busy holiday period, remember Fire and Emergency provide all our people with free and confidential support services.

Have your say: Join the Gas Detection working group

13/12/2018 | Personal Development | National

We are looking for people who are interested in joining the Gas Detection project’s working group. This is a great opportunity for you to share your experience with gas detection, help us understand the issues our people encounter with hazardous gases, and be part of the working group to determine how we can best detect them for your safety, health and wellbeing.