Rural stations to get new ICT by September

31/05/2018 | ICT/Technology | National

Volunteer Rural Fire Forces (VRFFs) will be online and connected with the rest of the organisation by September this year. From mid-June we will be delivering a Microsoft Windows tablet, a printer, and where suitable, a television or portable projector for training purposes, to each of the 209 VRFFs.

Delivering integrated ICT solutions

31/05/2018 | ICT/Technology | National

Our focus in this first year of Integration (Phase 2) is on delivering our ‘must haves’ - the ICT to support systems or processes we are legislatively required to have in place by 1 July 2018; ensuring national consistency in our ICT and infrastructure (particularly for our rural people), and ensuring our networks are accessible but secure.


31/05/2018 | Volunteer, ICT/Technology | National

A platform to capture the ideas from you, the Fire and Emergency personnel, that could make a real difference to our people and our communities.

International Deployments Update

31/05/2018 | Operational | National

In most years New Zealand sends fire fighters to support our partners in Australia, the US and Canada. A new International Wildfire Deployment working group have drafted a policy that will make the selection process, skills required, and what’s expected on deployment available to all our personnel.