Rodger Gillespie UPDATED

30/04/2024 | In Memoriam | National

Rodger Gillespie, Life Member of the Cust Volunteer Fire Brigade, passed away on Monday 29 April  2024. Rodger served 47 years. Funeral service will be held Monday 6th May 1:00pm at the Cust Community Centre.  

Full undress uniform, medals, and cap.

Merv George UPDATED

29/04/2024 | In Memoriam | National

Whitianga Volunteer Fire Brigade advise of the passing of past Chief Fire Officer Merv George on 28 April 2024.   Merv has been a member of the Whitianga Volunteer Fire Brigade for 48 years, with 34 years as Chief Fire Officer.

Graeme Howarth

29/04/2024 | In Memoriam | National

Waikato District advise of the passing of Ex-CFO, Graeme Howarth of Cambridge Volunteer Fire Brigade passed away on Saturday. Funeral details TBA




Rowan Richard Reeves

29/04/2024 | In Memoriam | National

Wellington District advise of the passing of ex SSO Rowan Richard Reeves on 26 April 2024. Rowan was a volunteer at Newlands before joining as a career firefighter in 1969. He worked at numerous stations in Wellington and the Hutt Valley before his retirement in 1996.

Kenneth (Ken) Roy Frederick Lucas

15/04/2024 | In Memoriam | National

Coromandel Volunteer Fire Brigade advises of the passing of Kenneth (Ken) Roy Frederick Lucas on 31 March 2024. Born on 1 November 1936, Ken was a member of Coromandel Volunteer Fire Brigade from June 1963 until August 1988 and Deputy Chief Fire Officer from 1981 till 1988.

Merv Connelly

10/04/2024 | In Memoriam | National

Manawatu-Whanganui District advises of the passing of Merv Connelly. Merv passed away peacefully on Monday 8th April 2024 aged 86 years old. He was a Life Honorary member of Bulls Volunteer Fire Brigade.