Peter (Phil) Hill

26/04/2022 | In Memoriam | National

Huia Volunteer Fire Brigade advises the passing of Brigade Life Honorary and Operational Support Member Phil Hill. Phil’s volunteer service began on the 11th April 1988.

David (Dave) Peryer

13/04/2022 | In Memoriam | National

Remutaka Volunteer Brigade (formerly Upper Hutt Rural Fire) advises the passing of retired member Dave Peryer.  

Dave’s volunteer service began with Upper Hutt Volunteer Fire Brigade in 1963, and in 1999 Dave joined the Upper Hutt Rural Fire Force where he served as brigade support until mid 2021.

Trevor Teal

11/04/2022 | In Memoriam | National

Ashhurst Volunteer Fire Brigade wishes to advise of the passing of Trevor Teal. Trevor served the Ashhurst community from 1966 to 1987, rising to the rank of Senior Station Officer (as Ashhurst was still an auxiliary brigade). He was made a Life Honorary Member in 1987.